What is Creative Teaming?

In advertising our publishing house, we recently used the term, Creative Teaming. What does Creative Teaming mean and what are its advantages? It probably all boils down to what can you do for yourself, as an indie author, and what are the advantages in teaming with us to publish your project for you. Some things you might ask yourself are when considering self-publishing or Creative Teaming with us are:

  • Is my book ready to publish? Are there errors that will make it look amateurish?
  • What does professional editing cost? Has a professional looked at your book?
  • Are you sure the free-lance professional editor is really a professional and knows what he/she is doing—are you spending money for a bad edit?
  • What does cover art cost? Do you know how to create an effective cover? What about back matter? What is a blurb? Can you create an effective one?
  • What does it cost to have an E-book set up, professionally?
  • What does it cost to have a print book professionally set up?
  • What does an ISBN cost?
  • How much frustration is involved in getting a book on Amazon, B & N, or in other online bookstores?
  • Can I get my book into distribution?
  • How about marketing help? Do you know how to market your book?

The great part of Creative Teaming is we share the load of publishing. For this we charge nothing up front but take a percentage of future royalty earning instead. This is standard in the publishing industry. If you self-publish you might spend thousands of dollars to complete all the tasks listed, but you also stand to lose those expenditure if your book doesn’t do well in the marketplace. However, when you team with us, we share that risk with you.

It’s also nice to have a ally with over 20 years in the business to bounce questions off of rather than wonder if you did everything  right.  Contact us at editor@mbpubs.com to chat with us. It costs nothing to ask questions that might save you loads of bucks and lots of gray hair.

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