It’s Busness, Partner

A person the other day complimented me on getting back to her so quickly about her query. She also wanted to know how I decide to ask for a writing sample or reject at the query level. My process is very simple. When someone queries me, I Google them to see if they’ve done anything […]

Do Publishers Market to Readers?

Do publishers advertise books? Yes, but not directly to readers. Larger publishers produce book catalogs that are sent through their marketing department to their distributors, who, in turn, send them to bookstores. Publishers also send books to reviewers at Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and The Library Journal. Do reader subscribe to these review magazines? No. These […]

One Plus One Doesn’t Always Equal Two

I really enjoy talking to authors, or potential authors. However, many authors, if you asked them why they are writing their book, will answer, “Well, to be published.” They say this like, “Isn’t it obvious? Why else would I be writing?” Some don’t actually say it but you can read it in their eyes, in […]