Sell Yourself to Sell Your Book

Publishers closing their doors happens quite frequently these days, as authoring, publishing and even selling books is a rough business. There is loads of risk involved for publishers in publishing a novel or book. Yes, the author spends gobs of time writing his or her work. However, before writing his or her book, an author must know who will read that book. Your publisher shouldn’t have to take on all the risk. Publishing and authoring must be a win-win situation for each to succeed. A book, after all, is just a product and, just like any other product, there must be a need for that product before it’s produced.

Accordingly, most successful authors research their potential reader base and establish an author name—and a readership—years before writing their novel or book. In authoring, there must be some sort of author celebrity established prior to writing. In other words, readers must know you are an author and should be hungry for what you write before you write it, not the other way around. Writing into a vacuum gets a vacuum in return. Few people hear a voice shouted into the wind. The same is true about writing without an audience. Here’s a question for you: would you write a play, rent a theater, hire actors and put on that play unless you were assured there would be an audience sitting in those theater seats? Of course not. The same is true of writing or publishing a book.

For many authors, what I’ve said above sounds ridiculous. Most say they wrote their book because it’s in them to write. Many say, “I have to write.” Yes, this might be true, you must, but no one except you, the author, really cares whether you write or not. This is a big shocker for most writers, but if you think about it, does anyone except those who like or love you really care if you write?

To turn this around, authors must have an audience that cares about, craves, and loves what they write. An author should just write—and his audience, those who love what he writes—will market what he writes for him.

Word of mouth sells more books than a full page ad in the New York Times. If you have a hundred hunger readers who can’t wait for your next book, you will sell a thousand copies within hours of its publication. Why? Because each of those hundred dedicated readers will tell ten other potential readers that your book is out. Nothing else sells books that well.

So don’t just rely on writing to be successful. Let loads of potential readers in on it too.


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