A Salute to Writing That Novel

As the story goes, everybody has a book in them—or an idea for one. Wonderful! I salute the writing spirit that is so prevalent since the word processor and self-publishing made is so easy to write something and place it before hungry readers.

Wait a minute. Did I just say hungry readers? Where? Are you sure? Do you know them? Do you have lists? Would you share? Only kidding.

Of course you don’t. My gosh, you’re an author not a prognosticator, for heaven sakes. What do we expect?

I hate to crash the party on such a high note but, like any party, if no one’s invited, no one will come. It works the same with writing a book. If no one knows you or your book exist, not many if any, will be standing in line to buy it.

I don’t mean to offend or discourage artistic fervor—but let us be honest. Bookshelves, both online and off (probably online only because your book will most likely not see the inside of a physical bookstore) are stuffed with books no one will ever see, let alone buy or read. This is a very sad statement, but oh so very, very true.  Authors somehow falsely believe if their book is published, surely someone will see it. Why? How? When? Where? If there’s no promotion effort, no one see it nowhere.

So how does a writer promote his or her book? Actually, promotion should begin before writing begins by establishing yourself as a promising author. But how can I do that if I have no book? Easy. Work on setting up your FB page, establish a Twitter and other social networks and begin making friends, follows and other acquaintances there.

Next set up a blog and begin blogging about your progress, your characters, your story’s setting and the everyday struggles of building your novel. Each time you post, also put links on your social networks sites. Make friends with other authors who are struggling too. Offer suggestions to readers on some of the great novels you’ve read and let them know that they will be first to know when your book is available.

Sound intimidating?  Okay then. Try it the other way. Prove me wrong and then let me know how wrong I am. I’m always interested in how anyone can place a product in the marketplace with no advertising and make money. Maybe we can co-author a blog post on how you did it and become rich.

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