One Plus One Doesn’t Always Equal Two

I really enjoy talking to authors, or potential authors. However, many authors, if you asked them why they are writing their book, will answer, “Well, to be published.”

They say this like, “Isn’t it obvious? Why else would I be writing?” Some don’t actually say it but you can read it in their eyes, in the tilt of their head or that faraway look in their eyes.

Okay, I’ll buy that this is good destination, but why are you really writing? I know you think you’ve already told me, but is getting published really your purpose?

Let me put it another way: Is your purpose to make money or just be published? Do you want to be published by a major publishing house, a smaller house, or are you going to self-publish? If your purpose is to make money, do you understand how that’s done?

Sorry to confuse, but these are things that many of us don’t think about as we struggle with plot, point-of-view problems, character, location and all those other issues that take so much of our time. We really don’t have time to think of where we want to be published and what that looks like. Maybe we just want someone to read what we write. Maybe money isn’t an issue. If this is true, what does that model look like? Maybe now’s the time to figure out why we started writing in the first place.

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