Love is Rare

It’s rare, as an acquisitions editor, that I find a raw manuscript that is in completely publishable shape. Most of what I see are stories that are not going anywhere and those that are headed someplace need help before their authors can visualize what they could be.

My job is like a treasure hunter. I know sooner or later, if I don’t get discouraged, if I persevere, there will be that rare occurrence when a diamond or a golden nugget arrives at my desk, a wonderfully original story that needs very little help. At this Stage was one of those stories.

It’s unusual that I can finish a manuscript in a single sitting. That’s because my reading is also an analysis of the story. Many times I can’t finish a manuscript because its author puts too many roadblocks and detours in the way. It’s with great sadness that I have to put these types of stories aside.

I started reading At This Stage early one morning and by late evening I was still reading. I don’t remember lunch. I might not have eaten lunch. Couldn’t say if I ate lunch. I don’t remember. I do remember rushing through supper though and my wife getting concerned because I was absent-mindedly stuffing food in my mouth, and I love food. She said, after I finished the book, that she had never seen me so involved. The bad, or maybe good part, depending on which side of this you’re on, was each time I tried tell my wife about this wonderful story, tears would come and I couldn’t finish.

Even when I was readying At This Stage for publication, I would tear up when reading certain passages. Love is such a bitch mistress. These two people, Jackson and Kaitlyn, seem to be so meant for each other and yet there is so much to overcome. If they get together, it could mean a lifetime of regret, but if they stay apart, both will be miserable…or will they?

I’m not going to give away more because I want you to read and to enjoy every morsel of this delicious new adult romance for yourself.

If you love to read how true love begins or if you love a romance you can sink your teeth into or if you love sadness and joy, you must read At This Stage.

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