Hungry Readers?

Everybody has a book—or an idea for one. Wonderful. I applaud the creative spirit that is so prevalent since the word processor and self-publishing made is so easy to write something and place it before hungry readers.

Wait a minute. Did I just say hungry readers? Where? Are you sure? Do you know them? Do you have lists?

Of course you don’t. My gosh, you’re an author not a prognosticator for heaven sakes. What do I expect?

I hate to crash the party on such a high note but, like any party, if no one’s invited,  no one will come. It works the same with writing a book. If no one knows you or your book exist, not many if any, will be standing in line to buy it.

I don’t mean to offend or discourage artistic fervor—but let us be honest. Bookshelves, both online and off (probably online only because your book will most likely not see the inside of a physical bookstore) are stuffed with books no one will ever see, let alone  read. This is a very sad statement, but oh so very, very true.  Authors somehow falsely believe if their book is published, surely someone will see it. Why? How? When? Where?

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