Guys don’t cry–much

Usually guys don’t cry when they read a novel. Okay, maybe they lie a little because no man likes to admit he cries like a little girl. Truth is I don’t cry with every novel. There. Now I feel better.  However, I do cry when I watch Nicholas Sparks’ movies. I used half a box of Kleenex when my wife and I saw The Lake House. Good thing I rented it. I know this about me and so I only go to the theater to see action movies—never love stories or sad stuff.

I’m a publisher, so I’ve kind of gotten used to reading good books, therefore I don’t cry near as much as when I first came to this business. I thought I had had the tears pretty much under control– but then along came At This Stage by K. K. Weil.

K. K. Weil is a new author. This doesn’t mean she’s not talented or has never written anything. It just means she had never been commercially published before we published her. Her novel caught me totally unprepared.

I almost got past the Preface before the first tears came. The emotion cast here was almost palatable. Young girl loses her mother unexpectedly and a young, successful playwright becomes her guardian. Not much to sob about, right? But authors have a way with words that can squeeze tears out in subtle ways. For instance the set up sucker punch:  Jackson Wall was never like a father to me. No one ever was.

I should have opened a new box of Kleenex right here. But at this point, the novel’s first words, I wasn’t prepared for what would come next. I’ll give no more away. You have to experience these tears yourself. Be warned though. You will cry, but you won’t regret it.

If you love a story about how it feels to be seventeen and hopelessly in love, this is the one for you. If you want to feel the heights of joy and the depths of desperate longing, this is the one for you.  Look for it on Amazon and at your favorite bookstore.



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