Do Publishers Market to Readers?

Do publishers advertise books? Yes, but not directly to readers. Larger publishers produce book catalogs that are sent through their marketing department to their distributors, who, in turn, send them to bookstores.

Publishers also send books to reviewers at Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and The Library Journal. Do reader subscribe to these review magazines? No. These reviews are for those who buy books for bookstores or libraries or those looking to buy reprint rights.

Probably the best sources for reviews that are reader friendly are those in major newspapers. But with newspaper readership and ad revenue on the decline, many newspapers have dropped book reviews. With that said, the most promises reviews that readers might see are those that are posted online at Amazon, or other such sites. Do not, I repeat, do not fall for paid reviews, book tours or those who advertise they will do all your marketing for you. Remember scammers see eager new authors as easy pickings. If it looks too easy, it’s probably from someone who wants to get his or her hand in your billfold.

So where and how do readers learn about books? Unfortunately, most readers select books only from authors they’ve read and these authors are normally those with big names. Readers also learn about authors from other readers through word of mouth. Amazon also does a wonderful job promoting books to readers through its bestseller lists.

If you’re an author who expects his publisher to promote your book for you, it’s highly unlikely that’s going to happen. Major publishers only promote those authors who make them money. Smaller publishers don’t have the advertising budgets to promote individual authors as they must concentrate on promoting their entire list.

So I’ve got this book I’ve been thinking about writing. If you publish it, how can I promote it? First of all you should begin building a name. Book marketing experts advise that name building should begin about the same time you begin writing. Social media is a great place to begin this task. However, if you’re not outgoing, this might not work well for you because to make an impact on social media, one has to be very active there. The next best place to begin is blogging. WordPress software is free. A Web Site built around WordPress can be a site and a blog all in one.

So now I have a Web site and a blog, what do I blog about?
Begin anywhere. What are your likes and dislikes? What about hobbies? What kind of work do you do? Do you travel? Give advice about something about which you have knowledge. Advice is one of the best ways to connect with others. Popular blogs are about sharing, therefore your mantra should be: How can I help others?

To be a successful author is not any different from being successful at anything. Jobs, hobbies, even travel takes study and preparation and the knowledge of what needs to be done to be successful. Writing is truly no different.

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