What is Creative Teaming?

In advertising our publishing house, we recently used the term, Creative Teaming. What does Creative Teaming mean and what are its advantages? It probably all boils down to what can you do for yourself, as an indie author, and what are the advantages in teaming with us to publish your project for you. Some things […]

Hungry Readers?

Everybody has a book—or an idea for one. Wonderful. I applaud the creative spirit that is so prevalent since the word processor and self-publishing made is so easy to write something and place it before hungry readers. Wait a minute. Did I just say hungry readers? Where? Are you sure? Do you know them? Do […]

Do You Know What You’ve Written?

When someone asks you about your book, do you notice the polite smiles and glazed over eyes, or do you do, as I did, keep on talking; trying to cram years of joy into what should be a one minute conversation. Since I’ve bored enough people with my story, let’s talk about writing instead. I […]

Guys don’t cry–much

Usually guys don’t cry when they read a novel. Okay, maybe they lie a little because no man likes to admit he cries like a little girl. Truth is I don’t cry with every novel. There. Now I feel better.  However, I do cry when I watch Nicholas Sparks’ movies. I used half a box […]

Professional Editors

This information is very helpful. Does anyone know where someone can go to find professional editors? How does one know if an editor is good or not before hand? We have things like Agentquery.com and the AAR for finding the good agents from the bad. Is there any such thing for editors? Professional editors come […]

It’s Busness, Partner

A person the other day complimented me on getting back to her so quickly about her query. She also wanted to know how I decide to ask for a writing sample or reject at the query level. My process is very simple. When someone queries me, I Google them to see if they’ve done anything […]

Do Publishers Market to Readers?

Do publishers advertise books? Yes, but not directly to readers. Larger publishers produce book catalogs that are sent through their marketing department to their distributors, who, in turn, send them to bookstores. Publishers also send books to reviewers at Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and The Library Journal. Do reader subscribe to these review magazines? No. These […]

Love is Rare

It’s rare, as an acquisitions editor, that I find a raw manuscript that is in completely publishable shape. Most of what I see are stories that are not going anywhere and those that are headed someplace need help before their authors can visualize what they could be. My job is like a treasure hunter. I […]

Narrative Discovery

New authors usually write like they talk and this results in overwritten passages. When editing your work, ask yourself this:  Does my reader need this information?  Am I telling instead of showing my story or ideas? Here’s an example: It is a family tradition to go to the fair in the summertime.  We always go by […]