Book Covers Are Just Book Clothes

Somewhere out there, where fake story’s start, there’s a rumor that book covers somehow sell books. And the buzzer goes off and a moment later, big letters light up the word, in huge, bold letters–FALSE. Great stories sell books. A cover is just that—a cover.

Maybe, from a publisher’s perspective, the best cover should be the face of the author. You know why? Because, beside their book, that’s who every author should be trying very hard to promote. Yes I know. No one’s listening—again. La-tee-dah.

In looking over reviews our authors have received over the past 8 years or so, I have yet to see one that mentioned a cover. Seems, if they were so important, at least one person would have said—Hey, nice cover. It was the main reason I loved your book so much—or maybe, without that wonderful cover, I would never have read your book. How silly.

Readers, please indulge me and let me know how many of you actually remember the cover on the most memorable story you’ve ever read—or for that matter, do you even remember who authored it—or for that matter, yet again, who published it. Of course you don’t. I can’t remember, for instance, what the cover of Twilight or Hunger Games or Even Cold Mountain, the most recent novel I’ve read, looked like. What I do remember are the stories, those wonderful, thought provoking stories.

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