Guys don’t cry–much

Usually guys don’t cry when they read a novel. Okay, maybe they lie a little because no man likes to admit he cries like a little girl. Truth is I don’t cry with every novel. There. Now I feel better.  However, I do cry when I watch Nicholas Sparks’ movies. I used half a box […]

Those Pesky Words

If only there were ways to write a story without all those pesky words.  If there were a short-cut, some gimmick we could use in place of writing, some symbol or symbols we could play with to increase expressiveness.  Well writers, there are such symbols and, like chocolate, we can’t get enough of them. They’re […]

Dots and Dashes

Do you use dots and dashes when writing? Of course you do.We all use them to indicate pauses or an interruption. But do you know how to use them? Do you know the difference between three dots and an ellipse?  What’s the difference? How about two dashes and an em-dash? Do you also know if […]

Other Voice Choice

In my first person narrator discussion, I took one tool away and gave nothing back. To remedy that, this post will be on other narrative voice choices, their strengths and even some of their weaknesses. Many books have been written on viewpoint and voice, a very complex subject. Basically, however, there are three commonly used […]

Professional Editors

This information is very helpful. Does anyone know where someone can go to find professional editors? How does one know if an editor is good or not before hand? We have things like and the AAR for finding the good agents from the bad. Is there any such thing for editors? Professional editors come […]

Some Thinks, Some Links

My agent tells me to be patient, but I haven’t heard anything from him in weeks. We have a half dozen manuscripts out to various publishers, but nothing seems to be happening and I’m not feeling loved. Why does it take so long? What happens after requested and submitted manuscripts reach an editor’s desk? When […]

Let’s talk about query letters

Today’s subject is query letters. You know those pesky things writers have to write but would rather not. Possibly a good place to begin is by explaining what a query letter is, and isn’t, and after that, why editors, publishers and literary agents require them. The query letter is your introduction so it’s vitally important […]

Being published is like getting married

People wonder about who they will one day marry, about being pampered, who they’ll invite, the DJ, the dancing, fun on their special day and the excitement of their honeymoon. Most people don’t think rest of their married life. The publishing process is much a wedding. There’s a contact, working closely with an editor, the […]

Authors Hate Marketing Books

Everyone hates marketing books. So if you hate marketing your books, you’re normal. If you have a great book, it can make you very rich. If you don’t believe it, ask any famous author and, while you’re at it, also ask him or her whether they also hate marketing. I believe you’ll find they not […]

Don’t Cry If Your Book Isn’t Selling

The lament usually goes something like this: I was published by this small publisher who did nothing to market my book and because of that it sold only a few copies. Authors reference the fact that with a small publisher there’s no book signings, no full page ads in the New York Times and no […]