Being published is like getting married

People wonder about who they will one day marry, about being pampered, who they’ll invite, the DJ, the dancing, fun on their special day and the excitement of their honeymoon. Most people don’t think rest of their married life.
The publishing process is much a wedding. There’s a contact, working closely with an editor, the galley proof and that day when you hold the product of a lifetime of dreams in your hands.
But most who dream of marriage ever think about preparation for a life-time of marriage or successful publication prior to the event. Little is thought about that special person who will become your wife, husband or your reader.
The dismal fact is 60% percent of marriages fail because brides and their grooms seldom think about days, months and years after the marriage. Married couples think about getting married but seldom about staying married.
Over 90 percent of what’s published today fails to meet its author’s expectations and the results are the same—heart-sickening disappointment.
Marriage is a contract build on love and respect. Successful publication is built on research and marketing. The successful author does research before sitting down to write, research which might say there’s no market for the novel you’re planning to write. If you’re hoping to be a successful author, you must know your reader—intimately. In marriage, you must know the person you’re going to be living with—intimately.
Now that you’ve discovered what to write, you must know WHO your reader is and where to let him or her know you’ve written a story they might love. It’s fine to write for yourself. It’s okay pass out to friends, family, and neighbors. You know, in this case, who your readers are—friends and family members. But what happens if you decide to go beyond friends and family and offer up your creation to entire world?
I hope by now you’re curious. Are you wondering where this is going? If you have a book or are considering marriage, you should. More, much more on this in future posts.

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