Advance Alert

In short, we are no longer offering advances to new authors. About a year or so ago, we decided to change our contract and begin offering advances against royalties to authors. Our goal was to be more competitive. We knew from past experience as literary agents that this endeavor carried with it inherent risk, but […]

One Plus One Doesn’t Always Equal Two

I really enjoy talking to authors, or potential authors. However, many authors, if you asked them why they are writing their book, will answer, “Well, to be published.” They say this like, “Isn’t it obvious? Why else would I be writing?” Some don’t actually say it but you can read it in their eyes, in […]

Love is Rare

It’s rare, as an acquisitions editor, that I find a raw manuscript that is in completely publishable shape. Most of what I see are stories that are not going anywhere and those that are headed someplace need help before their authors can visualize what they could be. My job is like a treasure hunter. I […]

Publishing Contract Conversations

I’m not frequently asked what’s the reason for a publishing contract, but I’m sure many authors wonder. I’ll try to make this very short as there are entire books written on this subject.  The short version is there must be agreement between the parties involved.  Publishing contracts deal with copyright. When an author sits down […]

Narrative Discovery

New authors usually write like they talk and this results in overwritten passages. When editing your work, ask yourself this:  Does my reader need this information?  Am I telling instead of showing my story or ideas? Here’s an example: It is a family tradition to go to the fair in the summertime.  We always go by […]


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